Erin Thomas (Food + Drink): Exported from the once rural areas north of Seattle, Erin received her degree in Journalism from the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication at WSU and has been moonlighting as a freelance writer ever since. Familiar stints include SEATTLEITE, CitySearch Seattle, Washington State University Magazine, Seattle Woman magazine, WINO Magazine, Seattle Met Bride & Groom magazine as well as copy-writing and on-air contributions to local radio. Erin is also the editor in chief of Sip Northwest magazine, a quarterly beverage publication in the Northwest. When she’s not consuming large amounts of cheese or tasting miscellaneous beverages for “research,” Erin can be found screaming for the Cougs or drooling over the brothers on Vampire Diaries. For more of Erin’s daily, irrelevant ramblings, find her on Twitter at @erindrinkswine.

Ian Dinsmore (Movies): Growing up near the beautiful Puget Sound in Olympia, Ian is a true Northwesterner. Since graduating from the Edward R. Murrow School of Journalism at Washington State University, Ian jettisoned the Palouse for wild times in the big city. A year after graduating from Seattle Film Institute, he immersed himself in the Seattle indie film culture. His study of film continues and if you’re lucky, you can catch him at Crystal Mountain, at the movie theater or walking his dog Blue in Kirkland with his beautiful wife.

Charley Cvercko (Movies, etc.) Born in Texas and hardened by Chicago’s punishing climate, Charley actually moved to Seattle for the weather. He stayed for the third-world traffic and Neighborhood Salmon Watches. And because he’d rather kill himself with a spork than move across the country again.

Charley attended a performing arts high school and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he studied painting, photography, and performance. Since then, he’s worked in pretty much any field or occupation you can think of; only his writing and his art have remained constant. His favorite thing to write about is movies, but he plans to branch out to other subjects at

Also while in the PNW he hopes one day to see a mountain beaver.