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Copper River Salmon and Pinot Noir

Some girls scream for ice cream, the Nordstrom half-yearly sale or the new Channing Tatum full-length shirtless feature film, but I get fired up for Copper River salmon time. Although I do prefer my salted caramel ice cream, 40 percent off designer pumps and my Tatums disrobed, Copper River salmon season is so short and precious, it needs to be celebrated, cashed in on and consumed.

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Murray’s Cheese Don’t Mess

The culture of Lower Manhattan’s Greenwich Village has expanded into the greater Seattle area. Although we might strictly be speaking cheese, the legendary Murray’s Cheese has joined forces with The Kroger Co. (better known to Northwesterners as Fred Meyer and QFC) and is offering their elite selection of cultured cheese across the city.

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Luc’s Cassoulet and Cotes du Rhône Red

Sunshine-soaked February days can be misleading. It is still winter and sideways rain will soon return to remind you of that. Thankfully, winter food dishes are fully functioning and available to additional comfort to get through the gloomier days.

There are not many dishes that can comfort (and bloat, increase weight, etc.) like the French casserole dish of cassoulet. The marriage of beans, meat, pork skin and often slight breading is blissful — slow-cooked for the utmost melding. The dish is named after the physical dish it is cooked in, the deep-dish casserole bowl. Although cassoulet is more mass-marketed in France — canned in jars like Campbell’s soup — in the Northwest, it is still unadulterated prosperity in a pot.

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